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Chiropractor Warwick NY

Welcome to Warwick Valley Chiropractors, located at 214 Ronald Reagan Boulevard, in Warwick, New York. We understand that choosing a heath care provider is a big decision, and we want to make your first visit to our office comfortable and stress-free.

It is our mission to remove interference from your nervous system with chiropractic spinal adjustments and to maximize your health potential with nutrition, natural strategies, and lifestyle support; thus, adding years to your life and life to your years.

Our Warwick chiropractor Dr. Nell, as she is referred to by her patients, has been a chiropractic physician since 1985. When taking care of her patients, she uses the “whole person” approach. By combining the very best chiropractic techniques and cutting-edge lifestyle counseling, she helps patients achieve their highest health potential.

Our office is located in the beautiful village of Warwick, New York, on Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Warwick’s “medical quarter-mile”. The office is in King’s Plaza, a building shared by several physicians, across from Crystal Run Healthcare. While practicing in Warwick for over thirty years, we have attracted the type of patients who are looking not only for pain relief, but wish to be empowered with knowledge to create total health and wellbeing. What sets us apart from others is that we use the very best hands-on techniques, as well as provide the most cutting-edge lifestyle counseling for a host of conditions like diabetes, weight management, autoimmune diseases and food allergies. Patients may initially seek help for whiplash, back injuries, sports injuries or stress-related conditions, like headaches or painful arthritic joints. However, when we also introduce healthy lifestyle and wellness strategies, many patients change their way of living, with exciting outcomes. We see wonders happen when patients adopt exercise, a healthy diet, and wellness care.

214 Ronald Reagan Boulevard Suite B
Warwick, NY 10990

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Working with Warwick Valley Chiropractors
will make a difference in your health.

A common misconception we come across is that patients are afraid they have to see a chiropractor for the rest of their lives. Most patients see the benefit of wellness care on a periodic basis, after their initial active treatment is over. How much a patient wants to take advantage of everything we have to offer is up to the individual.

Another common fear is that the treatment will be very painful. The hands-on technique that we use is called “specific adjusting”. The extensive examination on the first visit, as well as the check-up at each subsequent visit, reveals which vertebrate are subluxated, or locked, and which direction it is locked. Those specific movements are restored with gentle low amplitude thrusts to that specific vertebrate, and the adjustments can be gentle since they are targeted, and not general.

Some patients, like the very young and elderly, prefer the activator for adjustments.  This is a handheld spring-loaded device used for light adjustments of the spine and joints of the upper and lower limbs. Adjustments generally do not hurt and often patients feel immediate relief. The purpose of the adjustment is to relieve the interference to the nervous system and allow the nerves to flow. This balances the nervous system, and self-healing can now occur.

Our bodies are wonderfully made, and by removing interferences, the body is enabled to use its tremendous healing power, to heal from within, naturally! Finding a doctor can be a challenge! At our office, you will be treated as a whole person, with respect, and the utmost care to help you improve your health and reach your maximum potential. Contact us for a new patient consultation so we can help you be your very best!